Green heating with solar plus thermal mass wall of marble blisters and water

The program N.K.E. Introducing a green product innovation that aims to save energy in indoor heating

Affordable & Efficient

The absolute economy as there are no mechanical parts: the whole innovation is based on the thermal properties of marble and water.

Easy Installation

We simply place it in your glazing available and make the necessary connections. Quicly and without interference to the space that must be restored!

Zero Maintenance Cost

Indeed! Requires no regular maintenance. It will last as long as the marble: forever.

His incomparable energy, source of all life. In Greece, on average we enjoy 250 days of sunshine per year, which makes solar thermal endless source of energy!

Colourless, tasteless, odourless, miraculous. With the equally miraculous thermal properties we capture solar heat which is flowing seamlessly at your place.

Cradle of the Greek and by extension the global culture. Also excellent natural material harvest solar heat, which combined with water yields the maximum!


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